Things To Do: Western New Providence

Things To Do: Western New Providence

Bahamas Rental Vacations offers properties and experiences that showcase the natural beauty of The Bahamas and the unique landscapes and seascapes that make the archipelago unmatched. We want our visitors to experience not only the commercial sites of the city, but to venture off the beaten path to unspoiled shores and appreciate the Bahamian way of life. Waterway Condos in southwestern New Providence Island is one of those properties that cater to the adventurous visitor wanting to enjoy the natural environment and see more sides of The Bahamas. The condos are located in the residential neighborhood of Coral Harbour, on the canal and across from a beach. Here are some things the naturalist or adventurous visitor may enjoy near Waterway Condos.

  1. The canal. Come by boat and dock at Waterway Condos directly. The canal is also fun for kayaking. Occasionally, dolphins and manatees can be seen swimming through the waterways.
  2. Coral Harbour beach. The beach is located directly across the road from Waterway Condos. The quiet beach is lined by shady casuarina trees. At low tide, the water is shallow enough to walk far out from the shore and it is possible to collect beautiful shells or view marine life such as crabs and sea cucumbers. The beach is great for snorkeling and kayaking.
  3. Horseback riding on the beach. Happy Trails Stables is located in Coral Harbour and offers horseback riding along Coral Harbour trails and along the beach. It is a fun way to explore the Bahamian natural environment as you would trot through native plants and see wildlife.
  4. Bicycle tours. At Waterway Condos bicycles are available and free for use. There are many nature trails at Coral Harbour to explore. You can ride out to the creek or the beach for a swim or simply explore the trails. You can also take a bicycle tour where a guide would lead you along the trails and provide a history of the area and information on the plants and wildlife you may see.
  5. Stuart Cove’s. Stuart Cove’s is an internationally recognized center for diving. They offer an array of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving (including shark dives and night dives), snuba (a hybrid of scuba and snorkeling) and sub trips.
  6. Clifton Heritage National Park. This is a cultural and natural heritage site where legacies of the native Lucayan people, Loyalists and Africans are exhibited and preserved.
  7. Jaw’s Beach. This is a beautiful beach of crystal waters where scenes from the movie Jaws were filmed. It is perfect for a leisurely afternoon of swimming and relaxing.
  8. Underwater sculpture garden. Just off the shore from Jaws Beach is an underwater sculpture garden featuring Ocean Atlas and Virtuoso Man. Ocean Atlas is an almost 17-foot tall Bahamian girl sculpted from PH neutral concrete. She is the world’s largest underwater sculpture. In the years to come, the sculptures will transform into an artificial reef. The sculpture garden is a great site for snorkeling.
  9. Primeval Forest National Park. This national park features unique limestone sinkholes and caverns up to 50 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. The features are accessed by boardwalks, steps, and bridges. The park preserves and supports a diverse collection of plants and animals. It is a unique look into the Bahamian natural environment that you would not want to miss.
  10. Shima Restaurant at the Island House. Shima is a rooftop restaurant with beautiful views of the western New Providence skyline. The restaurant serves a variety of foods inspired by Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
  11. Mahogany House Restaurant at the Island House. Mahogany House caters to a more traditional taste as compared to Shima.
  12. World-class golf. The 18-hole championship golf course at Albany welcomes golfers of all ages and skill levels. It offers private lessons and clinics, including the Summer Golf Academy for the younger golfers.
  13. Paddleboarding. Pappasurf offers paddleboarding among other eco-tours and water activities. You can also rent the gear and explore other areas as you wish.

There is a long list of things to do on New Providence Island. This list is limited to the western end of the island, near Waterway Condos. At Waterway Condos we are happy to assist in tailoring your stay with activities that will make your time here the most memorable and enjoyable. One of the best things about Waterway Condos is being able to venture out and have a day of adventure and come back to a comfortable, clean and quiet place to have a restful night and recharge.

Stay tuned for even more things to enjoy at the other ends of the island!

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