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Things To Do: Western New Providence

Things To Do: Western New Providence

Bahamas Rental Vacations offers properties and experiences that showcase the natural beauty of The Bahamas and the unique landscapes and seascapes that make the archipelago unmatched. We want our visitors to experience not only the commercial sites of the city, but to venture off the beaten path to unspoiled shores and appreciate the Bahamian way…Continue Reading

A Glimpse into Island Life

An island landscape in the mind of a non-native may include picturesque coastal scenes of blue and turquoise shaded waters gradually transitioning to crystalline, onto shallow shores of powder white sandy beach, and further to lush foliage of coconut and palm trees. To the native Bahamian, the island landscape may vary considerably. The landscape may…Continue Reading

New Year, New and Improved Condos

The year 2018 for Waterway Condos can be summarized with the phrase “out with the old, in with the new!” It was a year of intensive upgrade. We are constantly working to improve our vacation rentals and services and we are excited to welcome our 2019 guests to New Providence Island and to our newly renovated…Continue Reading


Things To Do Our beaches may be our main attraction. But they’re far from being our only ones. Venture inland and soon you’ll discover what it means to be Bahamian. Get a firsthand look at our way of life, our rich history, our extraordinary natural wonders and our striking man-made attractions. Below is a list…Continue Reading